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Puerto Rico’s Pervasive Incompetence with Federal Funding

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon, Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner, appeared in the highly rated show translated as “Playing Hardball,” along with Manuel Laboy, Secretary of the Department of Economic Development. The show’s panel inquired about the government’s slow disbursement of federal funding that was allotted to the island under several of the Cares Act programs, particularly the situation regarding an award of $2,200 million.

Without reciting the specifics, Congresswoman Gonzalez adequately summarized what are the areas that the Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico must accomplish to move these much-needed investments. What was obvious, without uttering a word, was that Secretary Laboy did not have any eloquent words to demonstrate that he understood the topic. In other words, he was awestruck.

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